As a professional end-of-life Doula, I provide the following to my clients and their families:

End of Life Planning. We will work together to complete an advanced care and planning document to help ensure your wishes, needs, and requests are clearly defined. This session will also help you take considerations for the material, legal, and practical needs you have (like pet care, or online account transfer) and help you feel a sense of peace knowing those needs will be well tended to.

Legacy and Life Review. Many of us need to take stock of our legacy and know that it will be passed in order to have a more peaceful experience of life. Through 3-5 virtual sessions and a multitude of possible activities, we will design a custom-to-you experience of sharing your legacy with your loved ones and the world. This might include obituary writing; dignity projects; taped interviews; art; community projects. In our sessions we will determine what is most reflective of you and creates the project side-by-side.

Funeral Planning. You deserve a service that reflects you, your life, and your wishes. I offer support to all people wanting assistance with planning funerals and end of life celebrations, and I specialize in planning services that reflect and honor our complex and multi-faceted identities in a society and culture that so often negates us.

All services are available virtually, so no matter where you are, support can come to you.